Ferro Molybdenum

 General DescriptionFerro Molybdenum

Ferromolybdenum is the main source for molybdenum alloying of HSLA (High Strength-Low Alloy) steel. For alloying with steel the ferromolybdenum is added to molten steel before casting. One of the primary benefits of adding Ferro Molybdenum to an alloy is its hardening properties that makes steel extremely strong and at the same time weldable, as Molybdenum is one of the top 5 melting-point metals. Additionally, the adding of Ferro Molybdenum to an alloy can increase corrosion resistance.


Size: 10 - 50 / 10 - 100 mm.

Metal Type Percentage (%)
Mo 60-65 or 67-70
Cu 0.5 (max.)
Si 1.5 (max.)
S 0.1 (max.)
C 0.1 (max.)
P 0.05 (max.)







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